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$100/4 hours

Customer Favorite


  • Full Auto Pilot ($10,000 upgrade)

  • Smart air suspension

  • Seat warmers

  • Premium elite black spill proof leather

  • Performance Package ($3000 upgrade)

  • Captain Rear Seats

  • 3rd row seating

  • 17” fully smart screen

  • Navigation/GPS

  • Arcade games

  • Web surfing

  • Falcon doors

  • AWD option

  • Full Sky Roof view

  • Free charging at Tesla Supercharging stations.

6 Passengers + 1 pet

Model X: Products

Enjoy everything Orlando has to offer such as Disney, Universal Studios, a vast amount of resorts, nearby beaches and why not do it in style and comfort? Explore Orlando in the finest equipment the automotive industry has to offer. Book this vehicle for yourself and you will quickly be persuaded to purchase one of your own.

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